JHYSigndividervineWhy buy spinning fiber from me?

… A good question.  I have sold high quality handspinning fiber blends
since 1998.  I don’t sell a product I wouldn’t spin myself!  I have loyal repeat
customers and lovingly welcome new ones!

Here are a couple of emails I recently received….  I get emails like this
regularly from my customers:


My box came today and as always it is
full of yummy delightful fibers! I may not be able to go to Maryland Sheep and
Wool show, but I can enjoy my box from Julie! Happy early birthday to ME!

Thank you for the hard work you do to be able to offer your lovely products to
me-I truly appreciate it!


“Hi Julie,
WOW ! Those fibers are to die for ! Thank you for the extra bit – it was not
necessary but greatly appreciated.



Still not sure whether to plunk down your hard-earned cash on an item you
can’t feel before you decide to buy?  Drop me an email, I’ll send you a

THANK YOU for stopping by!  Drop me an email with any questions!



Julie / aka juliespins